Health Tip: Factors That May Contribute to Prostate Cancer

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Mon Jun 06, 2011 02:53 PM

May be my father is above 65 so can i know is diete

Thu Jun 16, 2011 07:54 AM


from whatever little i know (since being diagnised with prostate cancer at age 58 with no symptoms or discomfort and otherwise good health and active sporty life) is to have lots of fruits and veg - in fact shamelessly! this is what i do:

first half of the day, just fruits (should be had empty stomach not after meals as is the norm), pomegranate juice (known to retard growth of prostate cancer) a glass of raw vegetable juice (any vegetables of the season) one hour before lunch and dinner, a handful of nuts in the afternoon, salad and sprouts should precede the meal that should primarily be vegetables (include asparagus and brocolli). do not get overwhelmed, it takes just a little while to get used to it and to get organised.

do not get intimidated either - if one has been a good boy for 10 days or so, have a binge - come back and down a glass of veg juice! i have been doing the above, have an USFDA approved immune boosting supplement (along with a supplement for the prostate) and go to a spiritual healer once a fortnight, play regular game of squash and i have not done any treatment (on active surveillance as diagnosis was low grade cancer) - am lucky so far as the MRIs indicate the tumour size has reduced.

hope this helps. best wishes.

Mon Jun 20, 2011 10:13 AM

I have prostate cancer and regret lupron injection. It has given me night sweats. I take green tea, essiatic tea and saw palmetto along with pomagranate seed extract. i use around 3 pounds of sugar a year. I also eat home grown tomatoes and pole beans.

Thu Aug 04, 2011 11:42 PM

Having a very aggressive prostate cancer that has matasisied I had 44 days of radiation and was on Lupron till I had a severe reaction to the drug after the 6th 3 month injection. I am now on Eligard. I'm 59. Both drugs have had major standard side effects including hot flashes, severe night sweats, fatigue. Believe me when I say there are HOT FLASHES and hot flashes. Most drs. hear about them but don't understand the level that each patient experiences. I would continue the hormone therapy in spite of the nasty side effects. No doubt that diet has a lot to do with this and while I ate lots of fruits and vegetables I am guilty of too much red meat. I've altered my diet and now rarely eat red meat and take a handful of supplements daily. My personal beliefs having read extensively on this is that ones best chances are by eating for an alkaline diet. I'm also, having little to lose as my case is that severe, have tried alternative therapies such as baking soda. One book on this available as an electronic download is "sodium Bicarbonate : Rich Mans poor mans cancer treatment". Another co written by a patient and his doctor called "Invasion of the Prostate Snatchers" should be required reading before any patient makes or allows his doctor to make treatment decisions.
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