Avastin May Help Some With Ovarian Cancer: Studies

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Survival without disease getting worse rose slightly, but benefit on overall survival remains unclear


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Sat Dec 31, 2011 04:01 PM

For some time, clinicians have been grumbling about not having a biomarker for Avastin or any other anti-angiogenesis compound to better help choose which patients would be most likely to respond, thereby avoiding the need to treat everyone to gain a benefit in a few.

Suppose there was a biomarker that was relative to Avastin and could be helpful for predictive purposes? Then you could actually make better use of the drug based on the biomarker. You would be able to predetermine and monitor therapy for specific subtypes and avoid exposing patients to the effects and costs of a drug that may not work for them.

A private cell-based assay lab came along with a smart idea, a rational approach to the problem and some creative thinking to develop a biomarker for anti-angiogenesis compounds.


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