Female Cancer Survivors Report Worse Health Habits: Survey

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They were more likely to smoke, less likely to exercise vigorously than other women



Thu Feb 23, 2012 12:21 AM

Was any consideration given to the pre-cancer status of these women?  Could it be that they had higher rates of these unhealthy behaviors before cancer, or maybe even contributing to their cancer?

I know that, as a person out of treatment for a year, so not really considered a "survivor" yet, my habits are pretty much back to the way they were before cancer, except I drink less.  (I also eat more ice cream in an effort to keep my weight up!)

Thu Feb 23, 2012 08:54 AM

I'm very surprized with the findings of this study.....in fact I am incredulous.  I am a fifteen year cancer survivor.  I already had very good health habits prior to my cancer experience.  However, that reminder of the frailty of the human body caused me to search out and utilize every possible means for a healthier existence.  Every other cancer survivor i have met in the last 15 years was also involved in such practices in one way or another.....with many totally restructuring how their entire family went forward.  None had reverted to unhealthy habits as being diagnosed with breast cancer seemed to cause everyone to be more aggressive in doing what they could for better health.  I have often heard that research tends to support the researchers' preconceived notions.  Politically, blaming the "victim" has become a trend and I'm wondering if this study conclusion may be related to that trend. 

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