Common Diabetes Drug Shows Promise as Ovarian Cancer Treatment

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But large clinical trials are needed, researchers say



Thu Dec 06, 2012 04:46 AM

What was the dose of Metformin used by the patients in the above study?

Thu Dec 06, 2012 08:17 AM

We don't have sufficient evidence that patients with ovarian cancer should be on metformin. This is a study that forms a hypothesis, but patients should wait until large-scale randomized trials are conducted," Kumar said. 

This sadly is a typical "orthodox" ultraconservative stance of normaltive medicine that does not incorporate proper risk management in my view...but does incorporate "cover my ass" adherence to standard protocol while hundreds of thousands of people can die waiting for large scale tests to be complete. This process only asks if there is high levels of statistical confidence that the hypothesis is correct.  Instead good risk management should be weighing in with what is the downside risk of taking Metformin for non-diabetics. Millions of diabetics have taken Metformin, making its adverse affects well known for type 2 diabetics. In the low dosage amount that has been shown to have decent efficacy ( in small scale studies) at preventing or modulating various cancers, there seems to be little downside risk. I am taking Metformin @ 500 mg/day for my form of leukemia (CLL). Together with a number of other things I am taking, it seems to be having good effects with no detectible adverse affects. I am a research scientist, but with no formal medical training. Yet, as you can see, that does not prevent me from having opinions and acting on them when my own life is at risk. Obviously I am in no place to advise anyone else.

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