Millions of Nonsmokers Exposed to Smoke From Neighbors' Apartments: Report

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Multi-unit buildings need to become smoke-free zones, experts say


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Thu Dec 20, 2012 10:45 AM

Sorry Guys, but this is out there in Looney Tunes territory.Do you seriously think that petrol and diesel fumes ,which also seep into almost all apartments on a daily basis year round,are good for you?Think the pesticides your landlord (and neighbours) are spraying around are good for you?Note the quote at the start of the article " may potentially be exposed " .You may potentially be exposed to almost anything you can imagine if you are simply living and breathing.More wild supposition and guesswork stats from the smoking causes everything crew aided by the let's control everything we don't like bunch.This sort of rubbish just obscures the real anti smoking messages and promotes legalized intolerence of other peoples lifestyle choices good and bad.

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