Cancer Society Suggests CT Lung Screening for Heavy Smokers

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Recommendation follows on prior study finding 20 percent reduction in deaths for older smokers


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Fri Feb 01, 2013 12:47 AM

CT scans for heavy smokers, eliminating smoking in public places & the work place, putting scarry commercials on TV, and warning pictures & words on cigarette packs...all great ideas & some long overdue.  But no one thinks about the core or the problem-CIGARETTE MANUFACTURERS!  They are still ALLOWED to have chemicals & substances literally put into cigarettes in the manufacturing process.  If a legally marketed drug kills one person it's taken off the market at warp speed.  If a car has an issue that causes one person to die it's investigated by everyone from the USA to China.  But if cigarettes contain over 100 KNOWN carcinigens & kill THOUSANDS of's swept under the rug by our government & the manufacturers!  Why?  Because it's BIG BUSINESS!  Imagine the world without need for the giant medical centers that exclusively treat patients with cancer, no need for the thousands of oncologists, radiologists, nurses & scientists that devote their lives to cancer's cause, no need for the big drug companies who make the cancer drugs that make you sicker & weaker until you die from the disease!  The list is endless.  And the world would be a better place if tobacco products were made so they don't addict the users.  Does tobacco come from the field with nicotine on it??  I don't think so!  Take the addictive ingredients away Mr. Big Business & our government who seems to care more about foreign country's business than our own...then you'll save the lives of innocent people who just try a product because it's there, readily available & advertised to be cool.  I sure am glad Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream isn't addictive!!!

It hurts me down to my very soul that people die everyday from smoking...I've seen too many of my own family & friends rest in peace at early ages.  IT'S TIME TO FIX THIS PROBLEM!  But no one seems to hear or care!  I do...but I'm just one person!

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