Study Supports Radiation When Breast Cancer Spreads to Few Lymph Nodes

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Experts say new study may clear up questions as to whether the treatment is beneficial


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Sat Mar 22, 2014 04:04 PM

I want to point out that most studies of radiation show harm after about 20 years out.  The average here was eleven years.

Secondly as a Patient Advocate I am a strong supporter of healthy lifestyles - if these women were encourage to ADD to their regimens - more fruits and vegetables daily, a walk or other physical activity daily, a stress-relaxation program and perhaps even a detox program along with some dietary supplements, they might show benefit as OTHERS HAVE DONE.

When the only offered options are radiation, and it is studied short-term, one finds the short-term benefits without seeing the harms.

I am the founder of Annie Appleseed Project, a nonprofit.

Ann F.

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