Am I doing all I can do

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Am I doing all I can do

by Starfire1 on Tue Mar 13, 2007 12:00 AM

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About a year ago I was experiencing some changes in my period and low abdominal pain that intensified around my period at that time a vaginal ultrasound was done and an endrometrial polyp was found as well as uterine fibroids and a cyst on my right ovary.  They followed up two months later with another ultrasound and the news there was no change.  The pain continued and  was bad.  About one month later I had a ruputured colon due to diverticulitis and believed all pain would go away (thinking my earlier pain was due to the diverticulitis that I never got treatment for) They removed 8 inches of my colon and I spent the summerr recovering .  Throughout my healing process (which took extra time because I developed a bad bout of colitis) I still had lower right sided pain that burned and was sharp and would last for days upon days.  Thinking it was just adhesions and I would have to get use to it I tried over the counter pain meds and even had a colonoscopy to make sure that nothing new was going on.  I do have two more diverticuli but they are just there not inflamed.   One night the pain was  so bad I ended up in the ER and the dr said the colon looked fine (I had a CT scan) He referred me to a Gyno because he saw something he was not quite sure of.  After another ultrasound they found a uterine fibroid in my cervix and a few more fibroids in my uterus and a complex cyst. I had a pap smear and a CA-125 blood test.  Blood test was normal no news yet on pap smear.  I feel like there is something in me that does not belong there and I don't know what I should next just be patient and see if cyst changes or have hysterectomy and just get rid of everything including the pain and the pressure I have for three weeks every month......If you are not bored from reading my long story please tell me what any of you would have done differently and if any of you have been through this....thank you for being a place I can vent about this all.
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