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by Worried_Roxy on Sat May 05, 2007 12:00 AM

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My Doc dose not anwers questions/NONE! Si I am looking for some help here (other then finding another doc) ct and MRI scan showing a 15mm diameter (left Adrenal nodule)  also found was a Right renal hypodensity 1.0 cm as anyone got an idea as to why ? the radiologist and wanted it looked at again in three months, My personel Doc said it is nothing! do not need it done, I am sick often sweating, nause or vomiting,terrible pain in back or adomen at times so terrible week/tired. In the last to weeks was in hopital for loss of potsium Any HELP or thought  would be greatly appreacted

RE: hypodensity

by wasWifeofpatient on Sat May 05, 2007 12:00 AM

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You dont mention if your regular doc is primary care or urologist. If it is not a urologist, then get copies of your scans and bring them to a urlologist. If it is a urologist, then find a new one. I dont know if it is anything to be concerned about or not, I am not a doctor. I do know though that if the radiologist says to follow it then your doctor should do so and more importantly do what YOU are comfortable with. My husband went through two months of grueling physical therapy for "his back pain" which he kept telling them was HIP pain. They ignored him and finally through events got a CT scan which proved to be kidney cancer that had metasisized to his hip. I am not saying by any means that is what you have, but that if we weren't persistant then who knows what would have been, you need to be sure and comfortable in your choices.

I think you should find a doctor you trust and who works for YOU>>>

Good luck and God Bless


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