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by Homesick on Wed Jun 13, 2007 12:00 AM

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I am new here, I was researching this morning on the net listening to a lecture from Dr. Moll on the blood clotting mutation I have Factor V Leiden, and Protien C Def. wondering if the diagnosis's were correct, I called the original Hematologist (I had not seen since 2003) and asked them what was my diagnosis and send me a release of records form.....she said monoclonal gammopathy....After a shock and are you sure you have the right person, I am confused.  I should not worry till after I have recieved my records, but right now I am looking at having a total thyroidectomy for the nodules.....and that gives me concern, I guess I am in the dark until further notice.

I do know I am Factor V Leiden, hypoglycemic, hyperthyroid, and a couple of other malfunctions... I was just verifing the protein c def. ...my my what a surprize.  Just needed to release my thoughts to see about what to prep for, I guess I really don't know, this is all to new.


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