Heart failure????

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Heart failure????

by Lisamo on Fri Jul 06, 2007 12:00 AM

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Hi all! My mom is 59 yrs old. She was diagnosed with nsclc with mets to brain, liver, bone. She was diagnosed in early May and for one reason or another has not started any treatment yet.

She had a heart attack late May. She had stints put in and after 9 days she was released to go home. She has since swollen to the point that you can barely distinguish where her arms/hands and leg/feet meet. She also looks pregnant! She isn't a big woman at all. To look at her is shockingly scary!

Her oncologist pushed her off to her heart doctor who pushed her back off to her oncologist. End of last week after we continued to get the run around from both I called her primary care physician. He checked and made sure there was no edema around her lungs and gave her a diuretic. Her oncologist doesn't want to see her again until the swelling is down and I'm ready to scream!

All I can find is that this server case of edema is likely heart failure or liver failure. Does anybody know anything about this???? Any advice??


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