Please help.. Are Punctate Calcifications always cancer?

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Please help.. Are Punctate Calcifications always cancer?

by 4myguy on Fri Jul 20, 2007 12:00 AM

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So I have been thru the the mental stress ringer it seems since april 1. I finally had a biopsy last friday now i have to wait until tuesday to get results.. I am sending you results of mamo/ultrasounds etc.. When I had the biopsy (core_) the dr. said the nodule was very suspicious.. great. but I have been reading alot on calcifications .. I had a large mass removed 88" and i barely remember it  any way.. he said it was microcalcif. pre cancer.. I am 56.. and would appreciate any feed back on this.. report?? please and thank you in advance dr. didnt even adress any of the calcifications only the nodule I figure worse senario is take it out and radiation.. and I am good to go..

There are scattered fibroglandular tissues noted. There are uper-outer quadrant lymph nodes  noted. Within the right breast at the approx 6-7 oclock position..8 cm from the nipple is a nodular density measuring 1x0.7 cm. Reocmend spot mag and ultracound to further evaluate this lesion. adjacent to the lesion in the uper outer quadrant is a cluster of calcifications with questionable associated soft tissue density. there is coarse calcifications noted within the rb there are bilateral punctate calc. noted
coned down views demonstrate isodense, oval 1 cm nodule in the middle onethird right breast central position. there is no abnormal calc. or spiculation. ultra sound performed the same day demonstrates a nodular contour with suspicious features. conclusion... solid lobulated nodule determined by ultrasound considered suspicious and recommend biopsy. bi rads 4 right breast

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