How to speed up the curing time?

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How to speed up the curing time?

by Ramachandranr on Mon Jul 23, 2007 12:00 AM

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We can think and write about Vedas based on the age and the family back ground the higher ups talks about the rules on education. A man studies thro' out his life and wish share and present his findings and wish to register his thoughts in the form of thesis, which can further be discussed and the scholars can bring more on Vedas.


Vedas are not merely gods as others think and not a meditation as few thinks. It is teaching about Nano Technology and application of the same in the environmental issues which will strengthen us both by mind and body.

When a man wish to present a thesis, the so called intellectuals should encourage him and hear what he wish to say and present, they should not make fun of him.

But in India the so called intellectual thinks they are the genius and others are fools and laymen. They make him fool by misquoting and posting questions and misrepresenting his correct and excellent answers.

The present worlds of people are ready to pilfer others work and present them as though it is their own invention. But when time passes and when he realizes the mistake his fames goes up and he doesn’t have the guts to accept his guilt as he thinks accepting his guilt may bring down the image he created among others. If he accepts his guilt, he certainly wins the confidence of the loyal and commons.


For instance we are finding many ways for medicinal the dieses in Vedas. If a Medico tells the intellectuals that he found the remedy in Vedas he fears if his superiors may ask “if Vedas teach the medicine what you for are?”

But he must reply “Yes I found the answer from Vedas and proud to present them here, and I really found the medicine what our ancestors mentioned”

Here he may get an applause and encouragement from the House of Commons.


My final request to the house of intellectuals:


Please do not fix a boundary which will separate you from the scholars. Please listen to them. Don’t think that they are wasting your time. Allow them to complete their word. You may quote their word on some other occasions. At that time please be generous and tell that “this word was mentioned when I met Mr. so and so, on some other occasions.”

This word will take you to sky. Give more chances to the beginners and encourage them.

By offering a doctorate for a thesis presented by him are not for his finding alone, but this topic had opened its gate wide so that other scholars can look in them and write more so that we can go deep and find more.


I am sure you will take this matter to the discussion.


The Vedas talk about the environmental  circumstances in curing a dieses.  The cancer also can be cured!


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