to all who responded about my last message

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to all who responded about my last message

by Ablaze on Sat Jul 28, 2007 12:00 AM

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no this is not what u suggested I suggest we all do more research on this condition instead of letting the drs dictitate to us wrong, they are ususally wrong we have to do our own research because they do not know enough about testicular cancer, when u go to an ER and they just do a blood test, no urine or PSA test to confirm a condition reguarding , testicule pain, swelling in the scrotum, a Mass, tumor and give u an antibotic to shut u up and the pain is still there and u lost 26 lbs in the past yr and did not know why and then this pain in scrotum, and testicles show up, and no tests that should be done are done, and the radiogolist has his reports for the urologist to see a patient in 2 weeks for a follow up visit and his office never followed to follow up and the patient was depressed and scared they had this cancer and took their life something is wrong here and we have to stand up the the FDA and the Medical profession and take our health into our own hands and do not depend on what they tell us because most of the time it is wrong and u can be dead till u get an appointment if ever though the Urologist had the report to send yet the followup appt was never made there is a legal case here in my books for causation of my husbands taking his life and negligence of the medical profession the ER and the x ray tech that did the ultrasound and his reports are conflicting in both paragraphs he changes his mind in a round about way because he does not know how to report this . This ended my going to another Dr myself after they disable me 6 yrs ago with an injection and now my husband I would die before I would ever go to another Dr.
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