Plastica Linitus

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Plastica Linitus

by SexyMomma31 on Thu Aug 09, 2007 12:00 AM

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Hello everyone hope all is well with you and your loved ones.  On January 31, 2007, I lost a cousin of mine to cancer and she was only 40y/o.  It all started last May when the family took a notice to how much her stomach was pertruding.  She made an appointment with her doctor to have things checked out.  She had gotten sick on her job and they made her go home (she was a correctional officer).  Well once she made it home from work and got in the bed, it was 3 days before she was able to get back out of that bed and that was only because she had a doctor's appointment.  When she arrived at her doctor's appointment, he immediately sent her over to the main hospital, once she arrived there, they took her straight to the back to put in a chest tube in order to drain all of the fluid off of her....this went on the same way for 4 days, finally she was moved to another hospital in order to have her surgery to have tumors removed...this was on June 18, was 5o'clock in the morning when her surgeon came out and gave us the news...everything looked fine...she had all female parts removed and he was ready to close her up when he decided to explore a little...that was when he found it hidden under something else.  This was proobably the worse thing I have ever been told by any one person.  When he caleed the family in so he could let her know what was going on..I must say my cousin was very strong...she was not worrying too much about herself...she was more worried about her family members.

I watched my cousin try and fight this disease.  It was not until November, 2006 while at a routine appointment, that her sister decided to ask a nurse...Well is there anyway someone could tell me what stage she is in?  The nurse was floored with her request because she was under the assumption that the doctors had already told the family such information..Once again, when she was told she was in Stage IV, my cousin looked up and asked was everybody ok.  She was so unselfish eventhough she knew she was terminally ill.

I just want to let any and all family members of those who suffer with this rare type of stomach cancer to know...Keep the faith, because I truly do believe this thing can be beat if you are diagnosed in a timely fashion.  Although I miss my cousin on a daily basis, I am at peace knowing that she is at peace..She often told me that she would wish this type of cancer on noone...Simply because it hurts.  She wanted to eat, but her appetite was totally ruined.  My prayers are with each and every one of you that your loved one beat this monster

If you have any questions you would like to ask me..please free to email me at

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