Extremely elevated WBC 135,000!

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Extremely elevated WBC 135,000!

by Georgiamom on Wed Sep 12, 2007 12:00 AM

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My mom has Stage IV breast cancer, with a mass on her rib in front of her lung.  She had 3 rounds of chemo, Taxol the first two weeks and then Taxol and Avastin the third week.  She was to take one week off and start again.  When she went to her chemo treatment, her wbc was 80,000, so her dr did not do the chemo.  He didn't give much of an answer.

 She was admitted to the hospital this past Sunday, lethargic, not eating and very painful on her right side when she breathes.  She was admitted and her wbc was 100,000 on Sunday.

 Yesterday, she looked a little better.  She had to be catheterized because she didn't urinate all day.  She ate just a little better.  The infectious disease dr came in and said they are stumped.  Her wbc is now 135,000!  All she said is that they just don't know.  She also has a mass on her liver and spots on her lung.  She most likely said the cancer has spread.  They want to do a liver bx to see if it is cancer.  What else could it be!  She said the wbc's can't go much higher.

 Does anyone have any insight to this?  I just can't believe this is happening so fast.  She is 80 and yesterday, she just looked better.  I have been with her during the day and spend as much time with her.  I just don't want to get her tired.  I guess i will know more today.

Any information would be appreciated.


Thank You,



RE: Extremely elevated WBC 135,000!

by StayWell on Wed Sep 12, 2007 12:00 AM

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Hi Marcalla,

I have done SO much research the last few years re: cancer and nutrition or nutritional supplements, as my mother and years ago HER mother had cancer. My mother is well now. I hope I can find ways to keep my family well, and I just like to share what I find on these boards.

I found this info in all my research that I think you should really take a look at, a new study about a wheat germ extract called AVEMAR (Ave in the USA)  See:  http://www.cancercompass.com/cancer-news/1,12705,00.htm

Also check out ACAI BERRY products and juices (article on acai killing leukemia cells: http://news.ufl.edu/2006/01/12/berries/

And aloe vera inner leaf gel: http://aloeverabenefits.com/category/aloe-vera-research  and http://www.microscopiccolitis.org/articles/Aloe-Vera-History

I found a bunch more articles at: http://www.health-reimagined.com

I hope this helps you. Nutrition is only ONE part of fighting disease, but its' a part that should *not* be overlooked, in my non-medical but very concerned opinion.

Sincerely, Carol

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