Body Jerking and Congestive Heart Failure

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Body Jerking and Congestive Heart Failure

by jiannasmom on Fri Sep 21, 2007 12:00 AM

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Hi, my dad (now 67 yrs old) was diagnosed with PC March 2005, he was not eligible for surgery due to location of tumor.  But we are blessed that we have been able to have him here still almost 2 years later!!!

Recently he had 3 ct scans that showed no progress in his cancer, nothing changed his tumor size stayed the same for 9 months.  So his Dr. told him that if he wanted to he could take a break from his Chemo.  Because as we all know Chemo has its own set of problems my dad chose to take a break until his next CT scan.

That was in Late July.  Everysince then, my dad had a bout with Congestive Heart Failure, that the Dr's have yet to determine the cause for, and he has begun having these severe jerking episodes, that send him to the emergency room.  And they always send him back because they can't find anything wrong, even with CT scans.

Has anyone had problems with jerking episodes and or Congestive heart failure while dealing with PC?  Also, I should say he has been on Gemzar on a super low dose since he was diagnosed.  First it was radiation/chemo combo, now it's just chemo...

I hope to here from some of you so I can help my mom, help the Dr's figure it out.



RE: Body Jerking and Congestive Heart Failure

by VBWP on Thu Oct 18, 2007 12:00 AM

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Have you thought of looking into any alternative therapy, such as Acupuncture. Is there a qualified acupuncturist in your area? Acupuncture can bring back balance to a body after going through rigorous cancer treatments. It may not last long and may require continued visits but this might be an option to help relieve your father's symptoms. Best to you and your family.
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