Swollen Tongue

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Swollen Tongue

by johnny438 on Tue Oct 16, 2007 12:00 AM

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New to this board.... My wife has recently been diagnosed with tongue cancer with involved lymph nodes (33 years old non-smoker ect...not pre-disposed ,cancer does not play favourites). She has had surgery: hemi-glossectomy (free-flap reconstruction) and bilateral neck disection. She has just finshed 6 weeks of radiation to the oral cavity and neck. She is recovering nicley but after radiation treatments her tongue has become very swollen. Has anyone out there with similar treatments experienced this side effect and if so do you have an indication what causes and its duration.


RE: Swollen Tongue

by progresogal on Sun Mar 14, 2010 02:36 AM

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I hope your wife is doing well.  I recently finished radiation [45 external beam treatments] plus chemo for squamous cell cancer to my tongue.  I don't know yet if surgery is still in my future.  I have a very swollen tongue and was wondering how long your wife's swelling lasting, and if it went away.  Thanks for your time.

Mary Anne

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