Urovision/FISH Test is Positive...

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Urovision/FISH Test is Positive...

by sherwoodughes on Wed Oct 24, 2007 12:00 AM

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Hi folks, I'm writing because my father had a positive urovision/fish test 3 months ago and the physician did a cystoscopy and biopsied bladder wall and far up into kidney's -- he has cysts in his Kidney's.  Biopsy results came back negative.  He just got the results of his 3 mos follow-up urovision/fish test and it is again positive.

I'm writing to ask folks if they have experiened false/positives of this nature with this particular test?  While his markers are low, I'm concerned that this is the second now that is positive.

Any feed back or suggestions on how to proceed would be welcome. Physician wants to do another in three months.

RE: Urovision/FISH Test is Positive...

by Heart on Thu May 15, 2008 12:00 AM

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my dad did have the fish test and did have cancer.  we were told that depending on which gene was affected it carried a more signifant result.  i believe that abbott labs makes the test so i suggest calling them to see the false positive rate.  if i remember correctly it wasnt very high but im not sure so you need to find out.  our doc in chicago dr gary steinberg knew a lot about this test and sits on the board so perhpas you can consult with him.  good luck and keep being agressive in your research!
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