so much to say and so much to ask

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so much to say and so much to ask

by pantherspaul on Tue Dec 04, 2007 12:00 AM

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Hello, Im a 42 construction worker who has never I mean never been sick a day in my life then my world changed on aug12 I was at work and I started seeing these bright lights and started shaking and fell out the next thing I know im on my way to the hospital in 15 minutes they told me I was a diabetic and that it was my fault because of my life style and eating habbits kept me for 4 days put me on insulin 4x day and let me go. I changed life that day stopped drink ing started eating healther exercising losing over 30lbs in 2 months surgar level avg 119 over 30 day period. during this time i had to minor epasodes of the bright lights and shaking with headaches but brushed it off as part of the diabeties. while working on nov 2 it happened again bright lights so bright and shaking and then the headache came and wouldnt leave I tried eveything nothing worked so after two weeksof very intense pain i went to a different hosp. actually felt bad going for a headache. I met this dr while I was checking in who over heard my conversation I told him the same story he asked if they did cat scan on my head whe I fell out in aug and I told him no. This dr was the coolest guy in the world never talked over me very straight forward to the point. well anyways he did the scan came and sat down beside me and said its not good. theres massive swelling and a very large tumor but because of the swelling were going to have wait. long story straight 9 days later I have brain surgery come out with flying colors upwalking the next day outthe hosp in 2 days 10 days later I go to get the staples removed and thats when I get the results from the pathology report back my dr tells me this is not easy or good news but I have the 1 thing he didnt want me to have gbm stage 4 what a emotional rollercoster Im feeling everthing he said I would feel I try to keep a positive attitude because thats the way I am. Im o my 2nd day of radiation and kemo temodar feel great so far for how long I have know idea. My biggest problem is that myson who is 11 came down to see me while I was in the hosp. he was fine until the last day and you could see it in his eyes I assured him that everything would be fine. Ive talked with my ex about the situation we havent said anything to my son about gmb I talk with him every other day and hes full of questions why do I have to do kemo and radiation if Im fine what did the doctors say is wrong with me I just assure him that Im fine and that i love him. At what point if at all do I tell him whats really going on. we are best friends me and my ex have made the divorce as easy as possible sharing everything in his life to make his life normal as possible. Thanks for listing. After treatment going to duke any insight would be great. Does everyone get sick off of kemo and if so how long before it kicks in. My Dr name is Poffenberger gratest guy in the world . Will I ever get to lay down again. As for my diabeties the steroids have shot that out the water Sorry for rambling on feels good to talk thank you.     






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