Is surgery posible for 2nd time after whipple's procedure?

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Is surgery posible for 2nd time after whipple's procedure?

by AMBREEN on Fri Dec 14, 2007 12:00 AM

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My father 50 yrs old was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in May 2007, tumour size according to CT was 3 cm ( At the head of pancreas ), On May 29th  he had whipple surgery done, head and neck of pancreas were removed along with duodenum and antrum of stomach ,recovery was good with no complications and he was back on his job after a month and a half, In august 2007 radiation started 25 cycles were completed and 3 doses of 5FU were given,

His CA-19-9 came down to normal levels, things were fine , but then suddenly in first week of November His CT revealed another mass of 5cm at body of pancreas , plus he was diagnosed with Hep C in first week of november only, probably he got it thru those blood transfusions he had during surgery..his LFT rose to very high levels, and so his chemo therapy ( GEMCITABINE) which was suppose to be start in end of October was delayed..we had to wait for his LFT’s to come down..When the LFT came he was started with gemcitabine on December 7th

The doctors said forget Hep C for a while and we hv to deal with his CA first ,  but they also say that chemo is not very effective in case of pancreatic CA , surgery is the main treatment..I want to know is re surgery possible in my father’s case? And is it a good option , should we go for it? If yes can you recommend us any doctors and hospitals in USA and UK

His CA 19-9 is 46.1 U/ml, according to his oncologist they will give him gemcitabine  for 3 weeks (once every week) then in 4th week they will see the prognosis through CA19-9 levels , if they are decreasing then only they will continue with this chemotherapy..

I am myself a medical student , 3rd year MBBS


RE: Is surgery posible for 2nd time after whipple's procedure?

by amyf1 on Fri Dec 14, 2007 12:00 AM

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Hi there, Don't know about the UK, but in the US you can get great PC treatment at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, MD Anderson in Texas or Virginia Mason in Seattle. Also, Columbia Presbyterian in NYC. For most of these you can forward your records for an initial consult before traveling. Good luck! Amy
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