Enlarged lymph nodes - Cancer?

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Enlarged lymph nodes - Cancer?

by chrislenblue on Sun Jan 06, 2008 12:00 AM

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Hi!  I'm new here, but would like any info I can get.  I'm 34, female. In Spring 06, I started having soreness on mainly the right side of my neck, then both, then sore throat. About 5-6 months ago, I started having night sweats and about 3 months ago started having a hot, burning feeling on my face that lasts just a minute or so. In April of this year, went to Hemo/Onc to check out my high platelet count (ranges from 450-465). Also am tired all the time and my body aches.  My legs hurt alot as well as my hands.  My fingers also stay swollen all the time. and I just feel terrible most of the time.

Hemo/Onc did neck-pelvis CT Scan just based on all of my aches and pains and especially my neck tenderness. That CT showed that I had "prominent bilateral Level II lymph nodes are present measuring up to 14mm on right and 12mm on the left. The lymph nodes have a normal appearing fatty hilum. Elsewhere... everything is normal."

Had another CT scan on just neck in November. Results are..."there is no change from the prior exam. Structures of the bla, bla, bla are normal. Slightly prominent lymph nodes in the level I, level II, and level III appear stable from the prior exam. Largest lymph nodes are present in level II as before. On today's exam the largest R-sided measures 13mm and L-sided measures 11mm. Both of these slightly prominent lymph nodes have normal appearing fatty hila and are not very suspicious by size or overall morphology."

April labs showed high RDW at 16.2 (range 11.5-15.5) and high platelets at 442 (range up to 400)
Creatine Cl was high at 152.1400 (range up to 125.0)

August labs showed slightly high Lymphocytes at 3.2 (range of 1.3-2.9);
Slightly low MCH of 26.8(range 27.0-31.0); Slightly low MCHC of 31.9 (range of 32.0-36.0) ; platelets at 445; CRP (C-Reactive Protein) high at 14.2 (range of 0.0-4.9)

Sed rate normal, RA Factor Normal, ANA Normal

Today's CBC was...
Platelets at 465; MPV low at 6.4 (range of 7.4-10.4); Gran slightly high at 5.0(range 2.2-4.8). All other CBC was back to normal ranges.

CRP is now higher at 22.

Any comments, suggestions, personal experience would be very helpful!

Thanks, Christa

RE: Enlarged lymph nodes - Cancer?

by chingaling on Mon Jan 07, 2008 12:00 AM

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christa,  I will be praying for you  I sent you a private message.

May God keep you

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