3-4 mm brain lesions

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3-4 mm brain lesions

by ChrisZ on Mon Jan 14, 2008 12:00 AM

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Hi everyone,

I have previously written about my mom and appreciate all the prayers and help I have received from everyone here.

I am now back in Florida and calling my mom everyday.  I am fortunate that even though she is stage iV, we have several conversations every day (I am the baby in the family and she calls me her guardian angel, but my whole family is supportive, and for that I am grateful - I know some of you are alone, and my thoughts and prayers are always with you as I give thanks for my own family).

Has anyone here had positive outcome when there is mets to the brain?  I understand from the doctor that EC mets to the brain is not uncommon and we have only found 2 very very small lesions which we hope to treat after we get her on a regular schedule of chemo (which after a rocky start, has now improved dramatically)  We will be doing a full scan on her in February, and if all looks good, she will be visiting us here in Florida (her second home).

 As an update for those following my mom's story, her broken arm she received when she was released from her 11 day stay at Mass General is healing "extremely fast" and does not require surgery.  We are very pleased about that.


Thank you everyone


RE: 3-4 mm brain lesions

by Liarose on Fri Jan 25, 2008 12:00 AM

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Hi Chris,

My mother-in-law also was recently shown to have brain mets. She has a very large tumor on her cerebellum. She had emergency surgery this past Saturday and our doctor was able to remove the entire tumor and she is almost back to her normal self now :)

However, we are only beginning to fight this nasty spread and the statistics are very grim concerning brain mets from EC. We are hoping that we beat the statistics :)

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