Recurring Sores on Lip and Inside Mouth

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Recurring Sores on Lip and Inside Mouth

by bkf1515 on Thu Feb 21, 2008 12:00 AM

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I am 35, female, and have been having recurring sores on my lips and on the inside of my lips (in my mouth) for the last two months.  I get 1-5 sores at a time, and they usually clear up in about 10 days, and just as they do, I get one or more sores again in different places.  All the spots are mainly red, irritated and slightly puffy. 

I've had cold sores and canker sores and for some reason they don't feel the same.  I did have one sore in the crack between my lips which took weeks to heal.  The sores inside my mouth are usually red with a white center that goes away after awhile and it just remains red. The ones on the outside of my lips are red and sometimes have a yellow/gray center with puss.  As they heal the spots are mainly red and slightly puffy

The fact that the sores do clear up and appear in different place everytime - could this be a symptom of oral cancer?

 I would really appreciate any input you would have, thanks.

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