Side Effects(Pain) of Efudex Greatly Helped by AQUAFOR

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Side Effects(Pain) of Efudex Greatly Helped by AQUAFOR

by goguff on Tue Mar 04, 2008 12:00 AM

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I had a squamous cell skin cancer over my eyebrow about two years ago. My dermatologist successfully removed it via Moh's surgery but she gave me a stern warning that I would grow more cancers if I did not follow a course of treatment to remove the extensive sun damage from my scalp, face & neck. To make a long story short I embarked on a protocol of using Efudex 5% in January 2008 on my scalp and forehead. Both areas turned bright red over two weeks and eventually crusted and flaked off and the new skin underneath was like I was 30 years old(I'm 64). There was pretty good discomfort but nothing compared to the discomfort I had treating  the remainder of my face in the last couple of weeks. I was supposed to use Efudex twice a day for two weeks or 28 applications. I got through 25 applications and just could not take any more of the severe burning sensation I was suffering from. My dermatologist told me to get an over the counter tube of cream called Aquafor made by Eucerin(they make a lot of over the counter skin care products) The relief provided by Aquafor was unbelieveably fast and thorough and I highly recommend it to anyone who has just finished Efudex therapy. Do not use Aquafor during the period you are applying Efudex because it will interfere with what Efudex is supposed to do. But 12 hours after finishing your last Efudex application put on Aquafor and you'll be truly amazed by the almost total relief you will experience. Also my dermatologist advised me to wash the area Efudex is applied to with a bacteria fighting soap twice a day to prevent small infections from forming in some of the treated skin. After washing the area apply Aquafor for almost total relief from pain!!
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