Advise on gaining control over my life

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Advise on gaining control over my life

by bukowski17 on Sun Apr 13, 2008 12:00 AM

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Hi- I'm new to this. My Dad was just diagnosed stage 4 inopperable pancreatic cancer (spread to liver) April 5th and is on his second chemo treatment tomorrow. Because I have a medical background I have to communicate between the Dr.'s, insurance, ect. and relay information to my Mom who is his primary caregiver. I go to appointments with him and take care of anything Mom needs handled. Any advice anyone can provide me with how to take care of my own needs while taking care of my Dad and assisting my Mom would be greatly appreciated. I'm really feeling overwhelmed and this is jut the begining. Any stories to help would also be appreciated. I'll post more on the medical aspects of Dad when I get myself in line. Thanks to everyone and take care, Diane
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