Having a Baby

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Having a Baby

by Haroe06 on Wed Jun 22, 2005 12:00 AM

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In Jan I was diagnosed with cervial cancer. I had been told that it was highly abnormal for them to catch it and that it usually take 6-8 years for it to actually show on a pap. My cancer was high grade and had established itself in less than a year according to my doctor. I have been thru two surgeries since. THey say that they got it all with the last one but it could come back. My next doctors appt is in Sept for a fallow up pap. At the same time I am engaged to be married next April. We were planning on waiting a couple of years to have children but now everything seems so confusing. The doctor has told us that if we want to have a baby we should do it soon. No matter what we are going to wait till after the wedding in 06. My main concern is what if the cancer comes back while I am pregnant? Then what? Does something happen to my baby? Can they treat me if I am pregnant? Can it spread? I think I am driving myself crazy with the questions. I am trying to plan a wedding and plus I have the stress of these questions on my mind. To top that off I work two jobs and think I am driving myself crazy. If anybody has moral support, or answeres to the few questions that I have listed here I sure could us a friend that has been or is in the same situation. Dont get me wrong I have great friends and I love them but it is hard to voice this stuff even to my fiancee. I know that he is worried two. If anyone needs support from me I am here. Heather
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