Abnormal Cells? Does Chemo help fight brain tumors?

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Abnormal Cells? Does Chemo help fight brain tumors?

by STEPH22 on Thu May 22, 2008 12:00 AM

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Good news on my end. Had my spots looked at and one looked suspicious enough to remove and have tested. The doc said it was clear although there were a few irregular cells. I've had one removed around two - three yrs ago that was cancerous (premelanoma) and since my sister has it it was important for me to go back. I quess but dont know that since there was irregular cells it had potential to become cancer? They didnt say and i didnt think to ask at that time.

My sister is still fighting shes now doing chemo 4 days a week and a shot of something on the 5th day every 2 wks. I'm not sure what her treatment meds intail since she and my mom are the ones that see the doctors and they dont seem to remember what the drugs names are to relay. I dont like the fact that she did radiation for full 4 wks for her brain tumors and have stopped and are just consitrating on the chemo. From what i understand the chemo will mainly help the body fight not her brain. Her brain keeps swelling so shes back in forth between the hospital and home. Will the chemo help keep the 6 cancer tumors in her brain from growing any? The growth started on her back and had spread rapidly while she was pregnant she almost didnt make the full pregnancy (the doctors wanted her to abort).

I had to go to the doctor for anxiety this is so hard 'cause we dont know what will come tomorrow and since she has a very young daughter i cant get my mom or sis to take some time to for themselves. Mom had to quit her job to take care of my 22yr old sister and my neice who is now 2months old. My sis is afraid of dying soon and wont leave the baby's side to take some time to enjoy whats left of her life. I hate to wine and be so depressing but i have no one else that i can really let loose with. No one really wants to hear something so depressing for a long period of time and since i have a 2yr old at home i need to be strong for him and my hubby. Had to vent.

I wish i could do more.


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