RE: Sex after a Cone Biopsy

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RE: Sex after a Cone Biopsy

by Cole27 on Thu Jun 05, 2008 12:00 AM

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I wonder if someone can please shed some light on this for me.

I have had a cone biopsy on the 29 April 2008, which ended up with some complications to say the least which was bleeding for 3 weeks, which has finally stopped after lots of meds.

My original Gynae told me I couldnt have intercourse for 3 months, I couldnt be on the contraceptive pill, or use tampons or anything. And this is also the same gynae that didnt tell me that I would be in loads of pain & all the risks that come with this procedure.

My new Gynae, has given me a douche due to an infection he found at the enterance to my cervix & he also told me I could have inter course after 6 weeks.

Unfortunately I had intercourse after 5 weeks, please can some1 advise of any complications I could have caused myself by having intercourse?

I have experienced some slight cramps & pain, no bleeding though.

Have I ruined my chances of having kids?

I know I wasnt supposed to have intercourse but it happened & now did I wait for another month to heal?

how long does it usually take to heal?

 Please help me with some answers?




RE: Sex after a Cone Biopsy

by SacMomof2 on Thu Jun 05, 2008 12:00 AM

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I am not sure about when you can have sex again.  What were your complications?  What did they finally give you to heal? 

I doubt you have changed your chances of having kids just by having sex earlier than they suggested, you just may have irritated the area and extended the healing time. 

I had a cone done on May 22, so I guess that has been 2 weeks as of today.  I am still bleeding some too- not filling a pad like they said would be a problem, but consistently blood on the tp when I wipe (sorry if TMI).  I also still have the constant ache, at least it doesn't throb anymore.  I have two kids so I lift my youngest one several times a day which probably doesn't help since she weighs over 21 pounds. 

I talked to the dr's asst today and she said typically you shouldn't be spotting anymore after 2 weeks but that everyone is different.  She said that I am probably overdoing it if I am still bleeding.  I know that is a long winded answer.  I also did not do well with the pain meds after surgery and it was not as easy of a recovery as some people make it out to be.

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