What is considered end stage oral cancer?

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What is considered end stage oral cancer?

by JWswife on Thu Jun 26, 2008 12:00 AM

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A cancer spot was first found in my husband's mouth while having his teeth cleaned mid- 2006, it was cut out and told they got it all. In December 2006 there was more that was cut out and we were told they got it all.  By November 2007 it was there again, only this time it was in his lymph nodes in his neck, on December 6, 2007 they did major surgery on his neck and mouth and discovered the didn't get all of it, again on December 13 they cut some more.  By February 2008 there were 3 more tumors in his mouth, and did 33 Radiation treatments we are not sure it the cells have been killed he sees the Drs again on August 4, 2008.  He thinks he is feeling a tiny bit better, but says his mouth is still hurting I am trying to find out what to expect?

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