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by molly_bawn on Sun Jul 13, 2008 12:00 AM

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my husband died on april 29th this year after an xray he was told he had shadows on his lungs.solidity of his lungs then after a scan and broncosthpyhe became very short of breaththe doctors wanted to do an operation to find what was in the lungs butthought it too risky asthey said he may die on the operating table.they then found a large lump under his arm and decided that was a good option the performed abiopsyon the lump but could not get aclear answer as there were many other lumps arising in his body so the primary could not be found and they could not help him at all he was given  hours mabe days to live.he died two days later.he was insulin dependent for 40 years.his death certificate reads disseminated polydifferentiated adenocarcinoma un known primary. achos marwolaeth cause of all happened in a matter of three weeks.anyone ever heard of this.molly bawn
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