Reasons for bad tempers after whipples?

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Reasons for bad tempers after whipples?

by tallulahbelle on Tue Aug 05, 2008 12:00 AM

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My husband had a Whipples Procedure at the end of March this year for ampullary cancer.  He has recovered very well physically so far but I have noticed an enormous increase in bad temper bouts directed towards myself and our daughter. He doesn't seem to recognise them himself but he has been quite vile to live with at times.  This is a major departure from his normal more easy going self.

 I am wondering if it is anything to do with low blood sugar as the last two 'flare ups' have been when he is very hungry & has been without food for some considerable time.

 Anybody with advice or similar experiences would be lovely to hear from.

 Many thanks


RE: Reasons for bad tempers after whipples?

by trehouse60 on Mon Sep 22, 2008 12:00 AM

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hi Tallulahbelle,

I was looking back thru past messages, and saw that you had gotten no response. Sorry about that - the message board has been slow for about the last 6 weeks.

Sometimes temper can be a delayed anger reaction over diagnosis and subsequent treatment.  It is not unknown for people to have problems even many months after the disease is found.

It also sounds reasonable that your husband would be having temper flare up if his blood sugar were dropping.  Rage is pretty common with low blood sugar. 

Hopefully the problem has resolved by now.  If not, I certainly would mention it to the dr - there may need to be some dietary adjustments made.



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