Stage IV colon cancer life expectancy?

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RE: Stage IV colon cancer life expectancy?

by TOMINTUCSON on Fri Sep 05, 2008 12:00 AM

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I was dxed with stage 4 conon cancer in 1996 with mets [4] in thelower lobe of my left lung and [3] in my liver. My first oncologist said that more surgery would be "a waste of time" so i moved from  Maine to Tucson and went to the UA CANCER CENTER .They said they couldn't cure me but might buy me time and removed the mets in the left lung. I had had a year of chemo without much sucess. Two years later I had the left lower lobe resected because the cancer had returned to that site . Two months later I had partial resection of the liver due to a surgical accident my colon abcessed and ruptured and  i had an iliestomy due to peritonitis. Six months after that it was reversed. A tumor was found in the right upper lobe on a PET scan three years ago.  It might have been a seperate cancer. I had 35 doses of radiation to that lobe with usual exhaustion. It persisted so last Sept. I had the right upper lobe removed. Other than watching my diet I have no current meds or regimen. I have no lifestyle restrictions other than my 72 years bring me. I walk my dog a mile and a half every day and don't have any significant breathing problems. My wife of 46 years doesn't ever let me feel sorry for myself and that helps.   When I asked one of my surgeons about life expectancy he said "those are just statistics your not a statistic". He was right . Everyone's immune system is unique  and numbers are just numbers. You got to fight the fight and stay positive and laugh [especially at yourself  ] everyday.  One day at a time has worked for me for 12 years. Don't ever quit.      

RE: Stage IV colon cancer life expectancy?

by blondsister on Wed Dec 03, 2008 12:00 AM

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My youngest sister was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer with mets to the liver. Her CEA level in September was 8100 and yesterday it was 95. Her tumors in her colon and liver have been reduced by 50%. This is very positive news.

RE: Stage IV colon cancer life expectancy?

by Rose_daswon on Fri Oct 02, 2009 12:00 AM

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On 8/14/2008 Sagitelle wrote:

In May 2007, at the age of 52, I was diagnosed with inoperable Stage IV colon cancer with numerous metastases to both sides of the liver.  I was told that I had 3-6 months to live without chemo and 2-3 years with chemo. I began chemo in mid-August 2007. In April, when I asked the doctor to see the scan on his computer, I counted at least 12 tumours. My scan in January 2008 showed an important improvement in the size of my tumors, which had shrunk by about half. My April 2008 scan showed a further modest reduction. My next scan is on August 29.

I have had about 24 treatments so far. At first, FOLFOX every 2 weeks with Avastin. In May of this year I asked to switch to Xeloda pills as I could not bear the thought of another 5FU bottle attached to me for 3 days. Also, 5FU made my tongue swell up in addition to it being covered in multiple sores, which made talking and eating painful and difficult. Being tied to a bottle for 3 days in a row evry 2 weeks also made me very depressed. Things have been better since I switched to pills. I hardly get tongue sores anymore and my mouth is a lot less sensitive. I have had diarrhea episodes and I have hand and foot syndrome, but I still prefer the pills. I only need to go to the hospital every 3 weeks now for Irinotecan and Avastin. I am nauseous for about 2 days after my hospital treatment. All in all, however, my quality of life has much improved since I've switched to Xeloda pills.     

Has anyone else been diagnosed with inoperable colon cancer with multiple metastases all over the liver? If so, how long have you been given and how long has it been? Have you outlived your prognosis?

I got married to a wonderful man 2 months after my diagnosis and would like to share life with him as long as I can. Also, my 31-year-old son has just told me that he is getting married in January and that his soon-to-be-wife and him want to try to have children right away. I've always looked forward to being a grand-mother and I would like to stay alive as long as I can to enjoy my grand-children after they are born. I would like them to remember me. 

Does anyone have a story of hope for me?  



I was diagnosed with untreatable stage iv colon cancer in August 09. My Dr said I have around 12 months. I have this illness as a result of a faulty gene.  I am currently on folfox and I get Avastin every 4 weeks. The chemotherapy I get is every 2 weeks.

I dont suffer too many side effects but I can somehow feel the tumours growing inside of me. I am not in a whole lot of pain. I was referred to a Palliative doctor and he gave me morphine and said I should take it all the time. I took it for a few days suffered the side effects of it and realised I was just taking it because I was told to.

Do you think Avastin is effective as some messages refer to a drug called Tux and they say its very effective. Can anyone give me any information about this drug called Tux.



RE: Stage IV colon cancer life expectancy?

by YoungAndSuprised on Tue Oct 20, 2009 12:00 AM

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This is a great message for me - I am just getting into all of this - I was diagnosed with Stage 4 colorectal cancer just days before my 31st birthday.  I have cancer in the colon, lymph nodes, 2 spots in my lungs, 12 in my liver, 3 vertebrae in my spine and in my right hip where the joint comes together.  I have a cycle of chemo every other week and get erbitux weekly.  I also have the tongue blisters, difficulty eating and nasuea but also get dizzy after short walks and have this beautiful rash on my face, scalp, back and chest.  I think so far I have been coping relatively well but I haven't really talked about it either.  I don't feel like I have anyone that I can sit down with and just say how I feel without the it's okay and you will beat this... I guess I just want someone to listen which is why I'm here.  The initial prognosis - less than a year without chemo and approximately 2 years with chemo.  I have only been through 3 cycles of the chemo and have one more to go before we do testing to see if there has been any progress.  I appreciate reading everyone else sharing their stories.  I guess in my own way it's relieving to know other people are going through exactly what I am.  Well, this is a starter message for me so that's all I want to say for now... thanks to the creator of this thread.  It has given me some relief :)

RE: Stage IV colon cancer life expectancy?

by mytwin on Mon Oct 26, 2009 07:18 PM

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Hi there i,m new to this site and just finished reading about you. Your cancer type is the same as my identical twins. She was told in april of 09 that she had cancer of the colon stage 4 she also has spots on her lungs and liver. After 6 months of chemo they had to change her mixture of chemo because the chemo they were giving her stopped doing any good. She also has to wear a bag of stuff for 2 days i did not know there was a pill she could take. Her side are a bit of diahrea that depends on what she eats aND ANYTHING COLD ON HER HANDS .Sorry for the mistakes on here i,m not all that good on typing.I asked her doc staight up what was er time left with us ,he said about two years .I,m so looking for someone out there that could say bullshit i,ve been around this long and still going strong. My twins spirits are always positive it,s me that is having a struggle with the thought of losing her .Thanks for being on this site i,ll keep you updated on her condition if you like. Donna

RE: Stage IV colon cancer life expectancy?

by Lomo1 on Mon Oct 26, 2009 08:50 PM

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Hi Donna,

I just read your message about your sister and wanted to respond.

I am 40 years old and was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer with mets to the liver in 2007. I have to many lesions on both lobes of my liver for any kind of surgery so chemo has been my only option.

At the time I was diagnosed I was told I had 6 months with no treatment and maybe 2 years with. Well - it has been 2 and a half years and I am still here and going strong. I have been on many different chemo regimines, when one stops working I move on to something different.

There are those days when I want to throw up my hands and say enough is enough but I refocus and realize that the chemo is what is keeping me here. I am able to go to my sons baseball games and watch my daughter cheer - I still work and fish with my husband. I feel I have more good days than bad.

So - please tell your sister to stay positive! We are not born with an expiration date stamped on us and no doctor should try to give us one.

Best Wishes!


RE: Stage IV colon cancer life expectancy?

by PREDMAN on Wed Oct 28, 2009 04:26 AM

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God has all of our time in his hand. The dr.s said i would not be here i was a stage 3 with  a rare type of aggressive cancer, on top of that i losted all my own blood in the o. R. And had to have 13unit of blood. I am here to encourage those who think they won't it. I did and so can the rest of you. I prayed, my family prayed,my church family prayed,my friends prayed. Death can come to anyone but so can life, so choose life.


RE: Stage IV colon cancer life expectancy?

by jeanne1937 on Sat Dec 12, 2009 10:47 PM

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I read with interest your post re: FolFox/Avastin vs Xeloda pills.  My husband was on Xeloda and Oxiaplatin every two weeks for 12 treatments last year after having a resection of his colon.  Pets showed everything clear and no evidence of disease so they stopped his treatment last Dec.  The cancer came back within 3 mos after stopping treatment.  He now has state IV Colon Cancer with mets to his lung and abdomen and they started treatment again with Folfox and Avastin.  The problem is that Oxiaplatin is one of the 5 drugs in the FolFox regement and he developed a severe reaction to it and couldn't complete the 3rd treatment.  So he is now receiving the FolFox/Avastin w/o the Oxiplatin.  This is less aggressive but I'm worried that it is also less effective. What does your Dr say abt the effectiveness of the two.  Xeloda vs FolFox?

RE: Stage IV colon cancer life expectancy?

by bowerbird on Tue Dec 15, 2009 12:10 AM

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I was dx with colon cancer with multiple liver mets in May. Colon cancer was removed succesfully and am now working on liver mets and para aortic lymph nodes. Have had 6 treatments so far of oxaliplatin + avastin + zeloda and last CT scan showed a 50% reduction in overall tumour load and CEA went down from 120 to 13. All tumours have reduced in size and some have disappeared. My onco spoiled it all by saying well you know this cannot be cured we can only offer you 2+ years. I told him the surgeons offered me 3 months and that put me in a spin which took a long time to get over so I don't want to hear any more prognosis stuff I am going for a cure....he backtracked then and said well it must be your positive attitude that had helped. I actually think it is the Avemar which I have been taking for 3 months along with the chemo.....scientific studies show that it increases the effectiveness of the chemo and boosts the immune system plus prevents the formation of new metastases. I have also been taking on and off  VitD, selenium, omega 3 caps, digestive enzymes, Vit B complex, Barley Life, a fresh celery carrot and large beetroot juice and importantly lots of whey protein powder and berries. I took the whey just to put on weight as I lost 10kg and have now regained 9 kg then I found out it has cancer beating properties also so I take plenty every day. As you can see I do not take the antioxidant supplements like Vit C, E, A as the pharmacist asked me not to so am being a good girl.  Also before starting chemo I did 6 weeks of mega doses of Vit C IV treatment with big doses of all the antioxidants and lots of other supplements it made me feel fantastic but the tumours double in size in just two months so I am very wary now of what I do take in supplements and the ones I do take now seem to work for me. 

However in the last few weeks I have been paying great attention to my mental and emotional side as there is some thought that there is such a thing as a cancer personality you can reasearch this on the net. I decided it was me down to a tee and made a lot of sense as I have already had and survived breast cancer 5 years ago and now another cancer pops up.

I have lived a healthy lifestyle with a very healthy diet and supplements for over 30 years but I got both breast and colon cancer. I think stress and worry was a big factor in my case and my personality and negative outlook on life.

So I have been listening to a lot of relaxation tapes and listening to Louise Hay's CD Cancer discovering your healing power and it has made a big difference in my life. I now feel that the next scan will show minimum tumours  if any. I already feel that I am healed and am trying to look at chemo in a new light as she recommends that any hand coming near you for treatment is working and healing and I have always been so negative about chemo being such a health fanatic.

Now I am adamant that anyone giving a prognosis is actually pointing the bone (aussies understand this others may understnd it like a voodoo doll) where you are given  so long to live and you take it on board and when that day comes many succumb alomst to the month or to the day. So the big thing now for me is working on any negativity and every day I am discovering blessings all around me things which were mountains before are actually clouds with silver linings I just have to look for them and they are there. I can ALMOST understand it when people have said having cancer was the best thing thatever  happened to me.......I am not quite there yet but can feel the difference that my mental changes are having in my life.

I had my 18 month old grandson for the whole day yesterday and felt full of life and love and we had a ball whereas before I worried if I could manage would I get too tired etc.

I look forward to my next scan in January and just know that the results will be fantastic....if not what the hell they soon will be.

My naturopath said at the beginning of my cancer journey 'don't let anyone point the bone' and I have tried to keep it in mind but now it is beconing a reality in my life.

Life expectancy is whatever you expect.



RE: Stage IV colon cancer life expectancy?

by Jolandi on Sat Feb 06, 2010 03:16 PM

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Hi!My mother has also been diagnosed with advanced colon cancer last year and it has also spread to her liver.  She is in hospital as we speak.  She has been on 12 chemo treatments but unfortunately her tumors dit not shrink.  There is however no further spreading.  I can kind of relate to you since I had my baby the same time my mom found out about her cancer.  She was in hospital when my baby was born.  It was her first grandchild and she was so looking forward to her.  Ever since her birth she has been so sick that she couldn/t enyou being a grandmother yet.  I look at her everyday and pray that she could be around for all the big occacions in my baby/s life. 



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