My Aunt is just not really living

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My Aunt is just not really living

by nettie1 on Sun Oct 12, 2008 12:00 AM

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In August of this year, my aunt thought she had gall stones and had severe jaundis (hope I have spelt that right!) anyway she went into hospital with us all expecting that she had stones.  On the evening I went in a doctor came round to say that it was not a stone but there was a blockage and they would have to investigate.  Since then they have said that she has Cancer and it is inoperable, no Chemo was possible etc.  Since then she has serverly gone down hill within 8 weeks it is not the person I first went tp see and the whole family has been totally been blown apart, her eyes are vanant, stomach blown, legs swollen.  Can anyone honestly say how much time she has left?  We have family flying in from all over the world but we really don't know how much longer she really has?  If anything she really is mentally in agony if not in pain.  We are all in so much pain.  If you knew what what was on the horizion then maybe you could prepare.  I am sure some of you have been through what we are going though.  We would love to hear more of what you are thinking.




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