Kappa/Lambda ratio

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RE: Kappa/Lambda ratio

by jtsmom on Sun Apr 26, 2009 12:00 AM

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My wife Robin was just tested & her test say her ratio is 1.4. Her Kappa reading was 267 & her Lambda reading was 193. I am seeing so many different numbers here that I'm not sure what it means. The report states that normal range for Kappa is 74-295, & normal for Lambda is 32-156. These numbers don't seem to coinside with what most of you are quoting. Could someone shed some light on this? Thanks for the help.



RE: Kappa/Lambda ratio

by marsbars on Mon Apr 27, 2009 12:00 AM

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Hi Daryl,

Your wife has really good numbers in her 'RATIO'.  If you divide her Kappa number (267) into her Lambda number (193) you get 1.38 then round this up to 1.4, that's a good ratio. Your wife has slightly high Lambda but the 'ratio' is what the doc's look at to determine where we stand.  What is her treatment regime? 

 I have only Bence Jones MM.  My ratio was measured just last week and as it stands today my Kappa is 140, Lambda is 15.8, when divided this makes my RATIO 8.86, rounded up to 8.9.  I'm hoping it continues to get lower.  My Kappa has been very high at times.  Back in January this year my RATIO was 380.8.  I went on Revlimid/Dex and it's come down to where it is today, thank goodness. 

There is a booklet put out by IMF that is a great help to understanding the Immunoglobulins and the Free Light Chain Assay test.  I had to read it, break it down on paper to get the thing completely understood.  I often refer back to this little booklet and I think you will to once you get into the info it provides.  Pages 2 and 16 are very interesting.  Give it a whirl if you get a chance, the whole booklet is online here;  http://myeloma.org/pdfs/UnderstandingFreeLight.pdf 

Take care and bless you and your wife.





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