multiple hypodensities on liver and kidneys

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multiple hypodensities on liver and kidneys

by foreverhisown on Thu Nov 27, 2008 12:00 AM

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Hi everyone;

I was diagnosed with multiple hypodensities on both kidneys and liver none more than 1 cm big..I also have a nodule on my right lung that is 3.3mm big and have been prescribed levsin for the stomach cramps I have been experiencing.

My question is.  I was told to follow up in 3 months for the lung nodule, and nothing at all was said about my hypodensities except that "they are probably cysts, Don't have to admit to hospital and do surgery today"

and that was it. 

Can anyone tell me what causes this or what can be determined from blood work and urine analysis with a CT scan?  Shouldn't there have been additional meds perscribed for me to take to cure the 'hypodensities' ..or am I in a fantasy land?  And I have to wait and see if they go away by themselves or escalate to something worse?

I know that I am just a little worried, but not to say anything gets me.  You know it?  Does anyone have a "history" or "cause of" story to tell me?  I am starting to wonder a lot...since my next appointment is not until Dec 16.


Kim Loignon 


RE: multiple hypodensities on liver and kidneys

by brianboyd on Sun Jun 06, 2010 06:26 PM

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What is a hypodensity ?.

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