neuroen docrine cancer stage IV

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neuroen docrine cancer stage IV

by Nicolene on Wed Dec 10, 2008 12:00 AM

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Hi my name is Nixi and we are situated in South Africa, My brother was diagnosed in May 2008 however the cancer just kept on spreading and the tumor just kept on growing it started of with colorectal cancer and then just went on spreading like a great big fire. Morne (26) has now been sent home by his oncologist reason being they cant do anything for him anymore, He is crushed he has been laying in bed for 2 months now. Just on Morpene for the paid, But the cancer is weakening him so much. It breaks my heart in half to see my big brother suffer like this, to see him slip away every single day. Please is there anyone who can give me advise? Anything to make him feel better emotionallyor physically? His gums and nose started bleading yesterday, he has a bedsore as well. I am trying to get him a wheelchair as he can no longer really walk anymore. Please i am begging is there anyone out there who can help us? I can loose my brother not now, we dont know how much time we have left ? How can medicine just give up on a life? From what i have seen our foreign countries are doing all they can to support cancer patience, It's like South Africa is in a diffrent timespace .. Please help us Please! I will pray for all of you everyday! Love Nicolêne

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