Essiac Tea Affecting Bad Cholesterol Levels

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Essiac Tea Affecting Bad Cholesterol Levels

by Andie420 on Wed Oct 12, 2005 12:00 AM

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My dad was recently diagnosed with Basal Cell Cancer, although it has been there for a couple of years before anything being done about it. As soon as he was told what it was he started taking Essiac Tea and figured (possibly foolishly) "if 2 teaspoons is the recommended dose, twice that amount MUST BE better" and has been doing this for about a month and a half. The outside appearance of the basal cell cancer seems to have gotten smaller by about a third the size (and will still require surgery). He just got a call from his doctor saying he needs to come in for more tests because his bad cholesterol level (187) is lower than the doctor has ever seen and may be cause for concern. My question is: Does anyone know if Essiac Tea (especially 3 times the recommended dose) can have an affect on bad cholesterol levels? Or is this VA doctor doing like a lot of them do, getting paid to FIND something wrong with the veterans? Thanks in advance for any and all help.
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