37 year old sister with stage 4 stomach cancer

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37 year old sister with stage 4 stomach cancer

by daddysgirl1977d on Fri Jan 02, 2009 12:00 AM

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My sister is 37 years old an found out she had stomach cancer about 18 mths ago .. she has taken chemo an raditation . she is now on home hospital an been there for about 5 weeks . seems like no matter what the doctors tell her or do for her shes just not getting better . i guess my question is what are we to expect at this point . i am 31 so she is my older sister she has two wonderful kids and well i worry . i try to be supportive but at times thats a lil hard when i really dont understand whats goin on with her and what to expect from this point on . im not ready to lose my sister so i guess my main question is am i goin to ? and are their cases of some one having stage 4 and being cured? it just concerns me alot with her being on home hospital and for 5 weeks now .

what is it i should be doin to help ? i know this is alot for my first message so i am sorry for that but i have been an emotional mess for wel some time now which i have not told many ppl about and i just feel like i need to know what to expect .

thank you in advance . and please say a prayer for my sister !


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