Tooth cacity causes throat cancer?

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Tooth cacity causes throat cancer?

by Anderw on Sat Jan 03, 2009 12:00 AM

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I have had this cavity on the second to the last tooth on the right side of my mouth for a couple of months and I just ingnored it. I just let it go and it slowly started to decay in tell it got close to a nerve. And when that happened it was just the worst pain ever, the area around the tooth was hurting, my right ear,right eye, right part of my head was, and my 'throat'. Eventually I couldn't breath. Then in a few seconds the swelling stoped in my throat. but the pain everywhere else keep hurting so I just took the pain killers, didn't really seem to work much.  2 days later I did a little reserch and read about some of my symptoms and what can happened from a effected nerve in the tooth and it said I should go the ER asap. Then when I got to hospital they said it wasn't an emergency and I can get a check up if I wanted the next day for $200 because I don't have medical insurance. I didn't think much since they said it wasn't a emergency so I never went back. But ever since that day of the pain, my throught and the upper part of my chest close to the throat been hurting when ever I eat, drink or swallow. It feels like there something in my thoat. If I have to guess where is it at in my throat, I'd say its around the middle back of it but I have no idea exactly. I still have minor pains on eyes, ears, and the area in the middle of my forehead close to my nose. I'm not a very bright person, I don't know much about what is going on with me and I don't know what I should do. I don't want to get random check ups if there is nothing wrong.


Please please help me!!!

RE: Tooth cacity causes throat cancer?

by trehouse60 on Sat Jan 03, 2009 12:00 AM

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You need to see a dentist as soon as possible. Strept is the most common bacteria found in decayed teeth and it is a very nasty bug - if it has shifted down into your throat, you might have strept throat - that would cause your symptoms, and can also make you pretty doggone sick.  Also, infection in that tooth could travel upward via the trigeminal nerve, and could cause some pretty serious problems with both the nerve and with your sinuses.

The dentist can evaluate the tooth - sounds like maybe the best plan would be to remove it totally rather than messing around trying to save it and thus maybe having the problem recur sometime down the road.  You most likely will need antibiotics - the same medicine that will treat the area around the tooth should be sufficient to treat infection in the throat and sinuses also.  A family practice dr could order the antibiotics, but you really need to get the cause of this (the tooth) taken care of immediately, and that is going to have to be done by a dentist.

Important that you not let this go any longer.  Very highly unlikely that this is cancer related now, but some experts believe that lingering infection, especially in capped teeth and severely damaged teeth, CAN cause cancer over a prolonged period of time. Plus the longer you wait, the more chance of having infection travel upward into your sinus cavity and your brain, as well as travelling down toward your heart - you really do not want to mess around with the possibility of strept bacteria reaching either place.

There are dentists who understand that people without insurance still need dental care, and who will accept arrangements for payment plan. Keep calling around until you find one, and someone who can get you in to be seen very soon.  (If you are going to have to wait weeks or a month or more to be seen by a dentist, you very definitely need to be seen now by a family practice dr to get you on some antibiotics to treat infection.)



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