Carac around eyes

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Carac around eyes

by redone on Mon Jan 05, 2009 12:00 AM

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Mid Jan. I will be starting a 3-4 wk treatment of Carac on both eyebrows.  I have previously done treatments with Carac on my forehead (Jan. 06) and the area between my upper lip and nose (Jan. 08).  So I am familiar with this medication and the treatment results, but just concerned about the proximity near my eyes.  

Before, I always applied the Carac at night, but am thinking I should do it during the day so it won't rub off onto the pillow and get in my eye. (I'm a side sleeper.)  Someone suggested putting vaseline on the eyelids to keep the Carac from spreading. Another person said the eyebrows should be shaven because the hair absorbs some of the medicine.  My doctor did not advise doing this, so I'm just not sure.

Anyone have any recommendations?


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