post whipple surgeery

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post whipple surgeery

by jake59 on Wed Jan 07, 2009 12:00 AM

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I had whipple surgery in april of 07 was in the hospital for 2 weeks it was the toughest surgery to recover. I had tumor on my pancreas and they could not dtermine if it was cancer or not. I had all the test and they could see it on my pancreas. I had the surgery because my grandmother died of pancreatic cancer. Its been 1 1/2 yrs since the surgery and I am haveing burnin in my stomach & throat and sometimes on my tongue. I also feel like fumes or vapors coming up into my nose. I haven't gained any weight and just don't know what to eat anymore because it starts to burn. I do take prilosec every morning and been to two ear,nose.& throadt Doc's and my GI doc. My next step is to get a test that they put a tube up your nose into your stomach to measure the bile levels. I have been feeling like this since two months after my surgery. I lost over 20lbs I feel very thin and lost all muscle mass. I used to walk all the time but I am always tired. Just wanted to know if anyone has experienced these symptoms. I also had som leisons on my tongue and had them removed and they told me it was a fungus and gave me some meds. My skin also itches and I got very depressed and cried all the time. Is this all normal?  I was very lucky that it wasn't cancer.
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