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by toby123 on Fri Feb 06, 2009 12:00 AM

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Hi all i am new here. 6 weeks ago i had my first pap in about 26 years, i had a hysterectomy when  i was 26 (cervix and uterous) due to hemmorageing. Well 6 weeks ago the doctor thought i should have a pap and i wasn't worrried never had a bad one. Well it came back abnormal and he sent me than to a OBGYN , He reassured me things were probably fine but wanted another pap to test for HPV< Well it came back no HPV but the pap smear was worse than the first. Now i am scheduled for the coloscopy i think that is how you spell it. I am so nervous, Can anyone give me a heads up on any of this. My test is on Feb 12th. How long will it be before i know what is going on. I am here for 2 more months as i actually live in central ny and miss my own doctors.

Thank you for having this site . I wish you all luck and will pray for all of you . sharon

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