Recently diagnosed with NSCLC-Squamous

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Recently diagnosed with NSCLC-Squamous

by srm58097 on Fri Feb 20, 2009 12:00 AM

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My mother was recently diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer - squamous. On Jan. 30, 2009 she was admitted to the ER in Memphis for acute resp distress r/t bronchitis. The docs initially treated her for what they thought was a pulm embolus. Later we found out she has non small cell lung cancer-squamous. The biopsy was taken from the right hilar node. The onc doc said it was a stage 2. He recommended surgery. My mother also has COPD & emphysema. Her pulm doc ran a few pulm functions tests in which the results were not to good due to exisiting pulmonary conditions - copd & emphysema, These were done to see if she could tolerate surgery. She met with a  surgeon this past Monday who told us first thing it was inoperable. He said after talking to pulm doc and reviewing the CT scans it is a stage 3b and the cancer is in the lymph nodes of the neck. What seems odd to me is that there is not any pleural effusion which is typically indicative of advanced cancer staging. Man did that take us for a shock! The oncologist told us one thing and thoracic surgeon told us something else. A rather big difference. She switched oncologists and has an appointment with West clinic next week. What can we expect during the initial visit? I would think they need to start some sort of treatment on her soon.

She is also considering going to Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN due to the advanced technology for treatment rather than staying here in Memphis. Vandy is listed as one of the to 40 hospitals in the country accoridng to the National Cancer Institute. Has anyone ever been treated by the West Clinic or Vanderbilt Cancer Center? What was your experiences?

This is all new to us and never expected it to hit so close to home. What is the plan of treatment for other people who  have stage 2 or stage 3b? 

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