3.5 years out...crazy update

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3.5 years out...crazy update

by lumpling on Sun Mar 29, 2009 12:00 AM

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Hello everyone,

I try to post my husband's story when we hit a new milestone. I know how important it is to read other people's stories when you are researching stomach cancer for yourself or a loved one.

Our update is crazy because just about 4 weeks ago my husband, Hans, starting having awful headaches which progressed to confusion and even his left arm went numb. He had a ct scan of his head done here in Atlanta that confirmed our fears as it showed at least five lesions/tumors in his brain that were causing brain swelling.

Two days later we were on a plane to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston to check him into the emergency department. There a new ct scan was done that showed 10 lesions and all of the doctors were convinced that it was the stomach cancer spread to the brain. We were devastated and our doctor had to give us The Talk about quality of life and told us that no one survives that many brain tumors from stomach cancer.

My husband was fitted for a mask to perform whole brain radiation to buy us some time with him and alleviate some of his pain. They also had a mri of his brain done.

The next morning before my husband was going to get his radiation done the doctor calls me in the hospital room and tells me "we might just have a miracle here". The doctor who read the mri was convinced that it wasn't cancer, but a brain infection! I know, who gets excited about a brain infection?

That night they operated and performed a brain biopsy on the closest lesion they could find and sent it to the lab.

So now, instead of whole brain radiation Hans is having antibiotic infusions twice a day which I help him with at home. We will go back to MD Anderson in a few weeks for follow up testing to make sure that this really is infection and clearing up. He's still very sick and on anti seizure meds, but we are flabbergasted at how many twists and turns his story takes and grateful for today.

Hans was the talk of MD Anderson Cancer Center and shocked everyone there. Because Hans is a TV Chef I told him that he was just so desperate to get on tv that he's going for the Medical Mystery shows now! Just last month my husband's book came out called Eat Like There's no Tomorrow which is a combination cookbook and his cancer story.

We keep a blog at http://www.hansrue.blogspot.com with updates on his health and his cancer history.

Gesundheit everyone!
Patient-Hans-diagnosed at age 32/33 (day before his birthday) july 2005-stage 3 with major lymph node involvement-surgery then chemo/radiation

RE: 3.5 years out...crazy update

by Thereishope on Mon Mar 30, 2009 12:00 AM

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how interesting!  how do they think your husband got the brain infection?

RE: 3.5 years out...crazy update

by lissa01 on Wed Apr 01, 2009 12:00 AM

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That is fascinating. Thank you for the update and we are so glad it was not a metastatic tumor!

Good luck,


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