is it curable?

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is it curable?

by wronskein on Thu Apr 09, 2009 12:00 AM

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   My gf has stomach cancer. She has a pain in her heart. She has a  breathing problem.she cant talk well. 3days back her breathing was stopped and she was rushed to the hospital in emergency.she was provided oxygen there. she coughs out blood sometimes from nose but most of the time from mouth. the blood color is yellowish darkish red.she has exams from 15th of april to 26th of june. the doctor said we are advising her some medicines till 26th of june. this will stop the cancer from growing. dont wry its an early stage and after 26th june you should take her to foreign country for a better and regular treatment.

 i dont understand this? is she serious or not? is it the early stage or 4th stage? is it curable? i am so confused:(i love her very much.dont wana lose her.

please tell me what stage is this. is it curable?

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