Advice on LEEP and bleeding after 5 weeks

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Advice on LEEP and bleeding after 5 weeks

by MsSunshine on Sun Apr 19, 2009 12:00 AM

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 I need some advice.

 I have HSIL. I had a LEEP done on the 12th of March. Besides the fact that the hospital didn't inform me of long term dangers such as stenosis or cervical incomptenance, I haven't gotten much information back concerning the lesions that were removed (quadrants, size, etc).

However that isn't my main concern (sorry if this is disjointed and long, bear with me).

After my LEEP I had no bleeding for 10 days. Then I bled for 10 days straight (heavy bleeding like a period). Then I didn't bleed for 2 days, then I bled for 2 days, then nothing for a week, then I bled again (still heavy, not spotting), then nothing, then bleeding.
You get the general idea.

I keep bleeding on and off.
This morning I woke up covered in blood from the waist down, bright red, and I haven't done any of the things that I was told not to do (no heavy lifting, no sex, no excercise).

I called the hospital after the first 10 days of bleeding and I was brushed off, I was told that it's normal to bleed and cramping is expected.

But I have pain in my sides, above my hips.
She (doctor, nurse?) laughed it off and told me it's fine. That was a month ago.
I went to see my gyno, but she was in and out, said that my scabs were way too soft for her to properly examine me and that I should continue my "pelvic rest" for another 3 weeks.
She was gone so quickly that I forgot to speak to her about the bleeding ( I know, I should have written my questions down, feel really stupid on that one).

That was 2 weeks ago.
But this morning, after I woke up to a bright red bed, I called the local health info line, and they recommended I go back to my doctor or the hospital.
However I have gotten almost no information out of either.

Is the bleeding normal after 5 weeks?
Is the pain normal after 5 weeks?

I haven't seen any information pertaining to my HPV or to my LEEP.
Can I request a copy of my folder? Who can I bring it to to have it translated into layman?

Wow this is a long message.

Basically I need advice from anyone who had a LEEP.

The fact that when I asked the doctors about stenosis and not being able to carry a future pregnancy to term, and they had NO IDEA as to what I was talking about worries me, and doesn't make me feel encouraged to go back to either.

Any advice would be great, again, sorry about the length.



RE: Advice on LEEP and bleeding after 5 weeks

by herenow on Thu Apr 23, 2009 12:00 AM

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Please fire your doctor, immediately! Per regulations, the doctor and the clinic were required to thoroughly explain what you had and the risks and benefits of all your treatment options before you ever signed the approval for the LEEP. You were also supposed to be warned of any future complications. That the doctor and her clinic did not follow regulations and are not taking your concerns seriously means they may have to be reported to the medical board for disciplining and monitoring. I am truly sorry this happened to you. It breaks my heart when I hear women tell me stories of broken trust from unethical doctors.

Foremost, notify your primary care physician or a different hospital and get a referral to another OB/GYN for your follow-up care. From your description, you may have gotten stitches. Women do bleed, again, ten days after the stitches are eliminated. This happened to me, too, and my ex-doctor never told me I had stitches. I found out when I checked the bill. The hospital insisted I had definitely gotten stitches, and what you described is what I experienced. But that you are still bleeding and are in pain says you may be having complications, and that definitely needs to be checked. It needs to be done, immediately.

Be sure to get copies of all of your lab reports. At this point, you may have to pay for a copy of your file. But it will be money well spent. The lab reports will tell you if you really needed surgery, how much got removed, what happened during the surgery, and if there was anything unusual done. If you don't understand the terms, you can check a medical dictionary or ask a doctor who can be trusted what everything means.

Insorfar as your questions about compliations are concerned, cervical stenosis is not that high of a risk. But per the ACOG, there is a 7.9% risk of cervical incompetence. I'm sorry your doctor did not tell you this. When you get pregnant, make sure your OB/GYN knows about this. Worst case scenario, you'll need a cervical stitch. But a caring OB/GYN wants you to go home with a live baby. So the more information that doctor has, the more he or she can make sure that happens.

RE: Advice on LEEP and bleeding after 5 weeks

by MsSunshine on Fri Apr 24, 2009 12:00 AM

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Thanks for the advice!

 I stopped at the hospital on Sunday because the bleeding wouldn't stop, and they prescribed some meds to help with coagulation. So far the bleeding has stopped and the abdominal pain has almost ceased

They ran an anemia test just in case (I was anemic before), and I'm fine.
I will be going back to speak with the colposcopy department of my hospital about this (the lack of information on the possiblity of future complications) and see if there is another doctor that I can see instead.

Hopefully, I'll have a chance to heal properly now, which is all I was really concerned about.

 I will definitely get a copy of my file and all lab reports.

If I have more questions, I'll definitely come back here, I feel a lot better now that I've gotten someone else's opinion.


RE: Advice on LEEP and bleeding after 5 weeks

by herenow on Mon Apr 27, 2009 12:00 AM

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Out of curiosity, if you have had trouble with anemia, in the past, did your doctor check your hemoglobin count, before the surgery? I already think you need to go to a different clinic, altogether, rather than see another doctor at the current clinic. The entire office has proven untrustworthy. But if you were not checked for anemia before a surgery like this, then the irresponsibility of the doctor and the staff is so great, the potential for harm was inexcusable. Absolutely do not go back there!

RE: Advice on LEEP and bleeding after 5 weeks

by MsSunshine on Sat May 09, 2009 12:00 AM

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No, no tests were done before hand.
Nor have I heard anything back, and it's now been 8 weeks since my LEEP.

Unfortunately, the bleeding has started again, as well as the pain in my sides, for no apparent cause as I have not been doing anything that was contraindicated

On Monday I will go and retrieve my files from the hospital, however I am unsure as to who to go to about this afterwards.
Do I simply go to another hospital, or is there a specific type of doctor I should consult?

I've been putting it off due to an upcoming move, however I don't see how I can continue to do so due to the abnormal bleeding.
(I have been taking my pill continuously since February, so it's not my menstruation's).

So any thoughts on who I should see or where would be appreciated.

Thanks again


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