pancreatic cancer

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pancreatic cancer

by alien23 on Sun Apr 26, 2009 12:00 AM

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Hello New Friends,

My mom is 70+ years old, she is in the hospital diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, she had been sick for a few years and docs thought it was gastro, cysto problems. all of a sudden maybe 2 weeks ago she went in to the emergency for a pain med shot. they ended up doing CT scan and biopsy soon after this and here she is. she is yellow and probably not going home again? I am in shock and don't even know what is ahead. They have given her 2 weeks tops? I am confused as to how this was missed and how she has suffered so long. What do I say to her as she goes in and out of coherency. How do I help my Dad who is so very sad already. I am reaching out to you all and hope for some insight and compassion.

Thank you,


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