Compelled to write-My Mom and My story

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Compelled to write-My Mom and My story

by melissa1974 on Thu May 07, 2009 12:00 AM

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I feel compelled to write on this topic, my mom skipped her
mammogram just once year failed to go in after just 13 months and found a lump that she ignored that whole time. No Heath insurance so she didn't want to burdon my dad on hospital bills. She went in for her first appointment finally, after begging with her, and found she did have breast cancer and it was already stage 3. The Cancer spread quickly, liver lungs bone and brain for the last, after many ups and downs within  9 months and 2 weeks she passed away. It happends so quickly. Every person has thier own situation and their own way the body reacts. But, If I can just tell her story and have at least one person out there that will read this and decide, they need to go in if they feel something odd, or has been a long time since their last mammogram Please, Please go in. The heart ache that Cancer puts the family through and patient through is so hard. I would never wish this upon anyone in a life time. Another part of this story,  I have been having bone pain crippling bone pain, to a point where i was unable to walk or stand for long than 5 mins without tears. I put off going in for as long as i could, just like my mom, after she passed away and thinking about her situation I put my family first thought about my two young kids and my husband of 15 years, I went in and found I had a tumor that caused my body to produce more calcium, with that it made my bones leak and give up their calcium, caused holes inside the bones. The calcium started to leak into the blood vessles and to all major organs, If i wouldn't have gone in thinking of my mother waiting and waiting I would of had a stroke, sezuire or heart and all major organ failure!. Im asking you to be mindful or your health it's just not you out there think of your family!.
May God Bless you! If you need to contact me feel free I would love the conversation.
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