Efudex & applying Aquafor

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Efudex & applying Aquafor

by boozapian on Fri May 15, 2009 12:00 AM

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Hi everyone,

I've done some reading on this board, mainly for helpful tips. I started a two week regimen (twice a day) of Efudex 8 days ago. To help relieve the dry, tight feeling, I tried using Aquaphor. I see a lot of Efudex-er's using this too, most it seems only after they stop the Efudex application. My dr said it's ok to apply it now, while I am still applying the Efudex every day, but to make sure I wash it off well so the Efudex can be absorbed by my skin. When I did use it, unless I wanted to use a loofah and hot soapy water (haha, yeah right) to break through the greasy feeling, it did not wash off. So when I had applied the Efudex, I could feel it was just mixing with the Aquaphor and sitting on top of the surface instead of being absorbed. After realizing it wasn't being washed off, I stopped using it. To wash my face I'm using cold water and Cetaphil facial wash.

 For those of you who did apply the Aquaphor during the same time period that they were still applying the Efudex, were you able to sufficiently wash it off before your next Efu application? Maybe I should use a different cleanser....?

For now I'm using a 98% aloe gel, which has a tiny bit of lidocaine to help the burning. I'd like to resume using the Aquaphor but not if I have to scrub my face to get it off! What are others doing?

 One other note, I'm a female and have been taking pics with some brief notes. Mainly doing this for my 2 year old daughter, to try and convince her to wear sunscreen when she gets older! She sees my face now and says, "Mommy! Your face is monster!" lol

I've noticed others stating that online pics/journals are mostly, if not all, from men. I'm not sure if it matters, but do you think that women would benefit from viewing a woman's journal & pics?

Thanks everyone!

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